The Swingbag

Introduction: The Swingbag

Tired of Boredom?

Can't focus while working?

Is the boringness killing you?

Are you tired of working home and just sitting?

Welll... I suggest you just go outside with ofcourse your swingbag!

You can take all your office stuff with you with the difference that this journey will be anything but boring...

Go to a park/ a conservatory garden/...


Now you've got a lot of options...

You just could sit on a bench and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Or... You just take your swingbag and transform it into this beautiful swing!

You can even work while your swinging! (At your own risk of course ;) )

That was a nice day of work! I can't wait to start tomorrow...

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Together!

Before you can enjoy your swing you have get to find the right materials so nothing goes wrong.

What do you need:

1) Mop

2) Measuring tape

3) Sewing Machine

4) Strong fabric (cotton woven with polyester thread)

5) Scissor for cutting fabric

6) 4 carabiners

7) Clamping strap

8) Soft pellet

9) Transparent foil

10) Woven polypropylene


Good job! Now we can finally start making it!

Step 2: Make the Bag

First, you've got to make the 'base', the bottom of the swing. Try to execute every step as good as possible :)

1) Choose your measurements. (Make sure your butt is small/big enough ;) )

TIP: I chose a width of 14.57 inch (37 cm) and a length of 51.18 inch (130 cm)

2) Now fold the fabric dubble, now you've got to 2 pieces of +/- 14.57 x 51.18.

3) Outline where the fabric has to be cut. Then use the scissor. :)


TIP: If you choose your measurements make sure you have a little back up. If we backtrack the fabric there will be a little loss of fabric (because of the seams).

TIP: Pin your fabric so it doesn't move while cutting.

Step 3: The Straps

Now it's time to create the straps!

1) Once you've got your measured fabric you choose the depth of the straps.

2) Mark it with a pencil.

3) It's time to start cutting again!

4) Now it's time to start stitching!

5) Afterwards you have to backtrack everything.


TIP: Make sure the straps are big enough, because if we have to backtrack them it will go off easily

TIP: I used the zigzag stitch 2.0 inch width.

TIP: You could use a knitting needle for putting the straps through.

Step 4: The Lining

To pimp your Swingbag you could make a lining with a matching color. (This isn't essential for the swing, only for the fashion queens and kings)

1) Choose the pattern of your lining, based on your bag measures.

2) Outline it with a pencil.

3) Start cutting!

-> You will have to do this 4 times, because we're going to make two pockets. :)

4) Now it's time to put the lining in the pockets of the bag! (Exciting!)

-> You will become two separate pockets

5) Now stitch the lining in place


TIP: You could brush your fabrics now and then so everything will stay at its place. :)

Step 5: Add Some Strength

Because the swing has to carry some weight it's very important that your swing can handle it!

To make sure you can keep 'flying' I added some clamping strap! :)

1) Make sure the clamping strap follows the contour! Pin it together!

2) The stitching machine will keep the strap on its place :)

3) To add more strength on the critical parst, you could use the stitch from the image!


TIP: I used the basic stitch of 2.2 width

Step 6: The Sleeve of the Pellet

To pimp your pellet (that will help you to throw your rope into the tree) we have to make a fancy sleeve.

1) To find out what's the pattern of my little rugby ball I use some transparent foil.

2) Outline the pattern and cut it out!

3) Now outline it on the fabric and again: cut it out!

-> Do this 4 times, because the sleeve exists out of 4 parts.

4) Stitch everything together

5) Backtrack it!


TIP: Make sure you leave some space on the top because the pellet has to be put in here!

Afterwards, you sew the last part manual.

TIP: Attach also a loop so you can easily put your carabiner on the pellet.

TIP: I used the zigzag stitch 2.0 inch width.

Step 7: The Laptop Sleeve

Now there's only one thing left to do: make your own laptop sleeve!

1) First, you've got to choose your measures based on witch computer you want to put away!

2) Outline the pattern and cut it out!

3) Make sure you stitch a mop on one side, it will add some flexibility and will protect your screen.

4) Now stitch the botch sides together and backtrack it!


TIP: Add a loop out of camping strap on one side of the bag this will ensure you that the laptop sleeve will stay at its place :)

TIP: I used the zigzag stitch 2.0 inch width.

Step 8: Let's Swing!

Well done! First I will give you a little bit of information about how to hang the swing! :)

1) Make sure you've removed your laptop case!

2) Both pockets on both sides of the bag could be used as storage place for the ropes.

So you just have to open up your pockets and take the ropes.

1) It's very important that each rope is at least 3.28 feet (4 meters) long.

2) On each end, you make a follow 8 through knot (shown in the movie)

3) On both sides you attach a carabiner

4) Now make sure that you make some little knots at one side of the rope.

3) The pellet, that hangs on the laptoploop, will help you to put the rope into the tree.

4) Lock a carabiner on the pellet and throw it into the tree.

5) Pull the pellet down.

6) Now you can put a carabiner into one of the little knots (you can choose your own height)

7) Detach the pellet and do this on the other side

8) Now you can attach both straps of the bag on the carabiners

9) If there's still some rope left, put it away in the pockets! :)


Let's swing baby!

TIP: I you don't like to read or if these sounds like nonsense to you, just check the movie! :)

TIP: If you aren't tall enough to reach one of the knots you could also put your rope through the carabiner. Make sure you put a small rope on the carabiner, so you can pull it back down. :)

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