Introduction: The THRONE

So here is a creative simple version of a throne made out of tree bark.

The inspiration of this design has been taken from the world premier game of thrones series, iron throne.

This design can be built in a simple way through tree bark.Our version of design compromises of small pieces of tree bark which is arranged and layered up to make a base and body.


Supplies will obviously vary depending on the design but this design here uses

:- Tree bark of 10-15 cm length

(The tree bark need not be uniform and hence different lengths is preferred to make it more naturally )

:- Bosch hammer ,cutter

:- 3-4 fevicols, (glue gun preferably to speed up)

:- 2-3 a4 sheets

Step 1: Shaping and Arrangement of Bark

Depending on the size of throne required make a rectangular box on the a4 sheet as a reference .

After collecting the bark, most of it might be irregular so using the above instrument we can get the desired shape of bark. Firstly it is important to maintain the thickness of bark contant throughout the design to achieve the uniform leveling. This should be around 0.5 cm thickness maximum .

So the thickness of each bark should be around 0.4-0.6 which can be achieved by cutting the extra part out.

Length of the pieces is not an issue as textured pattern is not required .

After the cutting is done the first layer that is the base of the model needs to be made. For this we would initially cover the box of desired length with bark and apply fevicol as shown in the image.

Step 2: Building Layers

An important note is that the base which is formed needs to be done from selective barks which are nearly flat . This improves the stability of the design.

After placing the first layer the second layer can be arranged over it by arranging them in a fixed tight manner without leaving much gap. Then second layer of fevicol is to be applied and is to be given a time of 10 minutes for proper settling.

Small pieces of wood can be used to cover the small gaps if required.

Step 3: Main Body

After the second layer is laid , we can proceed with the further layers . It is best to have 5 layers for an object of size 10 x 10 cm. So arranging the layers and giving time for it to settle is an important thing because the structure might not settle and break if used roughly thereafter.

After the layers are done we can have two arm rest type of barks preferably of different color than the rest and which has a flat surface.

Step 4: Secondary Part of Main Body

So this is one of the main part of the design which involves complexity.In order to place a flat piece of bark that way it is first preferred to do it on a thermocol or any other thin wooden sheets. Firstly we are supposed to keep the back body upright and then make a contact with the main body through fevicol and glue gun (this helps speed up the process) .

Note ,size of the back part needs to be in a stable manner having more thickness at the bottom and less at the top.

After fixing it ,20-30 minutes of time would be sufficient enough for it to hold and get attached .

Step 5: Design Element!

This is the part where we make the design look like a game of thrones iron throne.

To make the sharp barks which are to be attached at the top we are supposed to use the cutter and make sevaral pieces .Once done it is advisable to start fixing the bark from the top and space management of the back panel might be a problem later on.

This can be done in multiple ways, we can also include a lot of sharp tree barks and start fixing it uniformly on both sides to give the design aspect.

Here the two models are quite different, one which is made without the back panel and the other with it.

It is comparatively easier to make a design with back panel , but without panel case the bark needs to be attached from the base of the body till the top to achieve stability .