The Ultimate Bike Computer




Introduction: The Ultimate Bike Computer

Last week, during a mountain bike training, my old bike computer broke. So I decided to make another one much better, with many functions, wireless and especially easy to use !!!

What's more intuitive with infinite functions than a phone? Obviously a phone! So this idea was born... Just follow these simple steps. Here we go!


  • mini phone (you have to be sure that in the phone there is GPS!)
  • Cover for phone (included with the phone)
  • 3d printed support
  • Strap tape
  • A small piece of bike tube

Step 1: Design and Print the Support

I designed this holder in Fusion 360. You can download it by this link or by the stl file below

Step 2: Cut the Strap Tape and Connect the Cover With the Holder

Follow the pictures to replicate the steps

Step 3: Cut the Piece of Bike Tube and Place It on the Bike Handlebar

Step 4: Hook the Support on the Bike Handlebar

The piece of bike tube is extremely useful for a good grip !

Step 5:

Once the support is hooked, turn on the mini phone and connect it to mobile data using the normal phone hotspot.

Now you can download a bike computer app using the Play Store

Step 6: Enjoy Your Amazing Bike Computer !

You can use it as mp3, you can connect your headphones to listen to music during training, you can consult with maps and anything you can do with a phone!

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    2 years ago

    Wow! It's a perfect bike computer. Nice idea!


    Tip 2 years ago

    I have a similar setup but I added Garmin ANT sensors. Good job!