Introduction: The Ultimate in USB Drive Protection

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It's a solid wooden box that holds a USB stick. It is 4x4x10cm big plus the locks. the locks are a combination lock on top, and a chain that wraps around for a padlock to attach to.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


One cheap bicycle lock (Combo),

One 4x4cm piece of wood, at least 10cm long,

One USB drive



Wood saw,



Drill and 25mm bit

Step 2: Prepare the Lock

Cut the plastic coating off it. remove the chain.

Step 3: Wood

Cut a piece 10cm long, and then cut 2cm off the end of it. Drill a hole as long as the USB stick into the larger piece. insert the USB stick to check.

Step 4: Locks

Put two nails through the slots at each end of the combo lock piece. You may need to space it so the dials can turn, so I used five spring washers. nail it into the wood to one side so it does not interfere with the compartment. Put the end that slides out on the smaller piece, the lid and the body of the lock on the piece with the compartment. look at the photos. I also added two nails as runners so the lid would not twist.

Step 5: Encryption

Make a password protected folder on the USB drive by following instructions here. or else just google it.

Step 6: Feel Secure

No longer worry about leaving your sensitive files on your desk, feel secure knowing that they are locked away securely. You can take this device wherever you go, or just leave it at home. Security is here.

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