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Introduction: The Wiki Game

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The Wiki Game, also known as Wiki Race and a bunch of other names. A game which can be played against oneself, against friends or anyone you like. It can be played alone, with two, or multiple people. Vary the game to your likings and play like you never played before.

Step 1: What Do You Need

Not much is neccessary for this game. Make sure you have an internet connection and at least one method to enter wikipedia. This can be the wikipedia app or any internetbrowser. Do make sure all players have the same setup to make sure it is a fair game. Depending on whether you play alone or against other people you will need a stopwatch of some kind.

Step 2: Objective

The objective of the game is that you get from one Wikipedia page to another one. Both pages get randomly chosen. Click this link to get your random starting page and click this link to get your random ending page. Only the links within the description text can be clicked. Once clicked you can't return to the previous page except when the page you are on doesn't provide new links.

Step 3: When Do You Win

There exist two main ways you can play this game. Both can be hard in their own way, so choose wisely. In case of multiple players you need to defeat your opponent. When played alone, try to beat your own records.

Option 1:

Reach your goal in as little as possible clicks. So think well before you click a link to go to the next page. Every click counts. Because you have time to think it may be wise to make yourself a roadmap.

Option 2:

Reach your goal in as little time as possible. Don't think to much, but click wisely. A stupid decision can not be undone.

Step 4: What Not to Do

Some things may not be done during the game, here is a list:

  • Do not visit other websites.
  • Do not use the keyboard in one way or another.
  • Do not use links under the External links section. So no links from the categorie/navigation table on the bottom of the wikipedia page.

Step 5: Experienced Players

For the experiences players there are many options to fancy up the game play.

  • Before you start set an amount of games you play and play a best of.
  • No broad pages can be clicked such as countries, dates, etc. Make sure you define broad pages in advance.
  • Play two games simultanious. When a link is clicked in one game continue in the other game. You are done when you finish both games.
  • Once you reached your goal try to get back to the start. Are you able to do this faster now you know your previous path?
  • When you play a best of game, provide all players with one option to reset to a new random page. Use it well and rule them all.

Step 6: Wiki Award

Here comes the most fun part of the game. Once you find yourself good enough in the game you can make your very own Wiki Award. Whether it is an award for finishing the game one time or being world fastest wiki gamer, it doesn't matter.


  • 2 pieces of wood, one for the base, one for the puzzle piece.
  • Metal rod
  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Wood sculpting tools (if you really want a piece of sandpaper could be enough)

How to:

  • Cut one of the pieces of wood to the shape of a puzzle piece.
  • Make the front surface of the puzzle piece rounded like the Wikipedia logo.
  • Optional: Add the W of Wikipedia to the front of the logo.
  • Sand the puzzle piece smooth and apply oil or lacquer.
  • Sand the base and apply oil or lacquer.
  • Drill a hole in the puzzle piece (at an angle) and in the base.
  • Assemble the award using glue.
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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Didn't think of that. But yeah, you could think of it as a wikipedia version of the small-world experiment. Found this awesome article from 2007 about it where they try to find the center of wikipedia. I guess it isn't strange that it turned out to be United Kingdom with an average 3.67 clicks to anywhere. And especially for you, Kevin Bacon has an average of 3.98.