The Witches Skull

Introduction: The Witches Skull

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this project came to me in the isle of the $1 store. Yup, I jumped out of line and headed over to the Halloween decor and snagged up a cheap… cheesy plastic skull. I almost put it back too, after getting back in line behind about five people that were originally behind me. "What the heck? It's only a $1, right?" I thought, convincing and rationalizing with myself. In the photo below you can see the wondrous thing of beauty that is the $1 plastic skull... with it's poor paint job and bad dental job.

Step 1: Decoupage the Skull

Though this looks bad, I rarely “never fear when I have Helmar near”! LOL... really I used that handy dandy Glue chart in the upper left column on this blog and found the best glue to adhere paper to plastic. I chose the Gemstone glue. I like in this case that it was not fast drying, I added a bit of water to it also to help the torn pages of the dictionary molded to the shapes of the skull.

Once dry I added a layer of Helmar's Acrylic Sealer to the entire skull to give it a shinny and sealed surface. Once the sealer was dry I used Helmar's Gemstone Glue to fill in the sockets and mouth with black glitter. I also used white and gold puff paint to color over the teeth to give them more dimension and a gloss.

Step 2: Making the Hat

Using some beautiful paper from Robbins Nest I began to create the witches hat. Cutting it into 1/3 of a circle and then using the amazingly fast drying Helmar 450 to create the cone top. I added the brim of the hat also using Helmar's 450.

Sealing the hat with Helmar's Acrylic Sealer, I love this stuff, gave the hat just the right sheen.

Step 3: Add the Hat to the Skull and Decorate

Once the hat was in place the project started to grow on me... Here is the back where you get to see this great paper from Robbins Nest and some of their Dew Drops (Mardi Gras). These are not brads and oh my they are so much easier to use. They look great and give a metal feel. I just had to add this tear on the brim to have another opportunity to work with them.

Robbins Nest is such a great company. I love all their products. Though this project didn't have much room to so their rubons I did get to sneak one on it with a Tear Drop (Forest Fun), also another product of the Robbins Nest. The Tear Drop brings this spider to life!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    those cheap bucky skulls are pretty bad but they do make a good base.. really cool prop!