Introduction: The Electric Winter Fire

Ever wished to have an open fireplace in your living room?

Here it is. This is a very simple instructable I like to share with you. Maybe it is a last minute X-MAS gift.

You need only few things:

A bowl with golden inner surface. Can be found in some stores around christmas. Mostly they are made from wood, iron or plastic.

2 - 4 flickering bulbs

2 - 4 sockets for the bulb

A stand for the bowl

Some cabling

A mains cable with switch

Step 1: Preparing the Bowl

Mark the place for the bulb sockets on the back of the bowl.

Drill and cut the holes for the sockets.

Step 2: Mounting the Sockets

I used this type of sockets and I glued the mounting rings to the sockets.

I used Pattex 100%, this is a very strong glue and it is heat resistant as well.

After the glue was hardened I screwed the sockets to the bowl.

Than I connected the sockets parallel to the mains cable.

Step 3: The Stand

The stand is a stone vase. I drilled a hole for the cable and glued the bowl to the vase.

Safety first!

Be carefully working with mains.

If the bowl is made from metal be sure that the metal is connected to ground or the cabling has a double insulation. So that is impossible that the mains can contact the metal.

Have fun and have a nice Christmas!

H. Steam