The Sludge Shot

Introduction: The Sludge Shot

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A few weeks ago i came up with a new concept for the buzz bee double shot shell based dart shooter my idea is to shoot a slimy liquid all over my opponent thus causing distraction and disgust at the same time  .
1.) any shell based blaster

2.)cheap bottle hair product.(i find garneir  fructis hair cream has the best texture for shooting.)

3.)marker with the correct diameter to fit in the sawed off shell

4.) a knife to cut the shell to the right size

5.) Zip away weather sealant and tube applicator.

Step 1: The Marker Base and Cutting the Shell


First  you need to get your marker and dismantle it
second you cut the  very tip off and remove any furled plastic pieces around the newly cut edges. 
now you are left off with  one marker piece put it aside for now .

now it is time to cut the shell start cutting where the shell edges out then slopes .after cutting you will end up having to bore a bigger hole to accommodate the tube. push the marker in and apply zip away around the edges so it is air tight then leave the fully completed sludge shell in a lighted area and leave it for 24 hours. 

Step 2: Conclusion

well i believe that is all but foremost i must remind you that cleaning the barrel after use is highly reccomended for best distance ans results.

try experimenting with different gel like projectiles  for  custom results. 

TIP: try squirting a little dish soap into your gel mixture for easy clean up  

the sludge shot rounds get good distance.

CQB-  the close quarters combat round should be filled to top capacity for best slimy results!

long range- should be only filled up half way or less for long range slime rain!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    wow great idea, seems llike the liquid would go through the bottom of the shell thou, and the shells look like they would be good for nerf darts too. your gun could use some paint btw


    11 years ago on Introduction

    cool but change the name a slug fora shotgun is like a bullet.
    call it the ''shot' because a spread pattern for a shotgun is called shot. yes im a gun adict millitary mail call lock'n load are what i watch and not enoughf room for me to tell you what i read. so my knoledge for this is dead on. 100% i kow i am. about the names for the rounds. 2.5
    if liquid slipsout and in th mecanism your messed up.


    11 years ago on Introduction

     Both Awesome and Insane.  It's like a kiddy version of jelly rounds!  Five Stars.