The 'whats in My Bag'-bag

Introduction: The 'whats in My Bag'-bag

The 'whats in my bag'-bag

Step 1: The Idea

For the elective Fablab making we got the assignment to create a product/object of your own liking with the only requirements to use:
- 3d printer

- laser cut machine

- sewing machine (or any other third machine of choice)

- a hinge

- a switch

The Idea
Because of the very broad interpretation of the assignment i thought it would be fun to link my project to my own discipline, which is fashion and design. It would be a nice challenge for me to create a fashion item which is not only constructed by a sewing machine but also different machines/materials than the usual. Because of the requirements i had the possibility to create a fashion item that is not just fashionable but also useful in ways it normally is not.

The 'whats in my bag-bag' is created for people, like myself, that always loses their stuff in their bags. This because of the dark materials that are mostly used in bag linings. With a small build in led light, the inside of the bag will be much easier to see.

Step 2: MoSCoW Method

To have a clear idea of what i will need to create this bag is used the MoSCow method.

Must haves:

- fabric

- plexiglass

- hinges

- bolts and nuts

- led light (+ battery, battery holder, connector etc..)

Should haves:

- button made with 3d printer

Could haves:

- button made with 3d printer

Would haves:


List of used materials:

- faux leather outside o the bag)

- synthethic mix ( lining of the bag)

- plexiglass

- hinges (+ bolts and nuts)

- led light

List of used machines/software:

- 3d printer

- lasercut

- sewing machine

- sketchup

How its made:
At first i drew a pattern for the bag. I wanted it to look very modern, minimal and edgy, reason why i made it a square shape. After that i drew a pattern for the bag handles in Illustrator. Like is said, i wanted the aesthetics of the bag to look very modern so i made the bag handles out of clear plexiglass and attached them to the bag with hinges. The first idea was to make a pocket inside of the bag. This pocket could have been opened and closed with a button i would make with the 3d printer. But this would make the bag look very bulky because of the large amount of fabric attached on one place. So i just made the button.

How it went:
I already used a few of the materials, machines and software in previous project. What was new for me was first of all, creating an on/off switch with press button. I already knew how to draw a simple circuit for an on/off switch with connector but that was about it. So i spend a day in the interaction station with an attendant who helped me through the process. And it turned out to be very simple. I was lucky to get all the elements i need in the station so it was a small task to put it all together. Sketchup was also a new thing for me and turned out to be a bit of a challenge. I drew a (quit complicated) button which failed drastically and also did no fit the look of my bag anymore. After this i drew a simple one and this time it was perfect! Like mentioned earlier, i did no make a pocket anymore to attach it on.

Step 3: Sketches/tests

picture 1 - sketches design
picture 2 - bag handles drawn in illustrator

picture 3 - 3d print buttons (the right one is my first attempt)

picture 4 - light circuit

Step 4: End Result


At first i thought it was difficult to just come up with an idea without really focusing on a concept like i usually do. Like i mentioned earlier, because of the broad interpretation of the assignment it was easy to make it relatable with your own discipline. So i just started sketching a few ideas with this in mind. I wanted to create a fashion item that was both fashion and useful in a way that i and others are not used to see.

Because of the list of requirements i learned a lot of new things. For example the use of sketchup and also creating a light circuit with press button.I was glad to be able to work with different softwares and machines i normally would not use in my study. Whenever i got stuck during the process, i reached out for help in the different stations at school. The attendants and school colleagues taught me a lot.

I also think that for my future (fashion) projects i may use materials that are more uncommon, and maybe create more items that are not just aesthetically good looking but also functioning in more unsual ways. overall i enjoyed working on this project and i think my 'whats in my bag-'bag turned out rather good. It's already my favorite bag!

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