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Since January 2020, I have been putting this project off, and I finally decided to do it.

I didn't have the materials then, but I do now, and the product is very helpful.

Be careful, though; I got 3 burns and pinched twice in the process.


- Magnetic tape or a very thin magnet sheet

- Speakers/magnets - buy it here

- Metal base/surplus PC bases

- Hot glue gun/glue or normal glue - for the sheet

- 2 Lego ball and socket joints (a ball/socket piece & another ball/socket piece snapped together).

- A Lego socket brick

- Alligator clips

The Lego bricks are detailed in Step 4.

Step 1: Make the Bottom Tray

This tray is the less powerful of the 2 trays, but is the biggest of the 2.

Start by cutting a strip of tape or magnet sheet. (From here on out, I will just use tape as a general term for your magnetic material, but if you are using a magnet sheet, just remember that you need an adhesive, like glue.) Stick this to the tray and fill the entire tray with the tape. If you are using a magnet sheet and hot glue, the tray will be very hot. Wait a few seconds, then push down on the tape hard to secure it. Touch up as needed/wanted (I have low touch up needs).

Step 2: Make the Top Tray

This is the fun part.

Repeat the steps for the bottom tray, but add a glue gun border (shown in picture). If you have any sides on your top tray, glue a speaker/magnet to them to make the sides magnetic too.

Step 3: Connect Your Trays

This is the tricky part:

If your bottom tray has sides, bend one of the sides at 40-50° angle and glue the tray on it as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Third Hand

Add the third hand on to the side with the Lego bricks as shown. The bricks are in the pictures. Use hot glue to glue the alligator clip on to the end socket. Hold the alligator clip while gluing.

You are done!

Step 5: Finish

Hopefully, this project will help you and others. Add as many extra hands as needed.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

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