This Is BoBOT. (Megan Nelson)

Introduction: This Is BoBOT. (Megan Nelson)

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Hi! You can easily make your own boBOT from a single sheet of paper by following these steps.

Step 1: Download & Print BoBOT Pdf

Download & Print boBot-white-paper .pdf

You can also print boBOT on colored paper or even color boBOT before you assemble her/him.

Step 2: Materials

Things you need:



Step 3: Cut on the Dotted Line

Cut on the dotted lines.

There is a total of 5 cuts (4 short lines and one long line)

Step 4: Glue

Using the glue stick,

Glue on the 2 squares labeled "Glue" (it doesn't have to be precise gluing)

Step 5: Flip the Paper Over (180 Degrees)

Flip the paper boBOT over, so s/he is now facing your table/desk (in a Faceplant).

(The glued areas may get your table a little sticky)

Step 6: Wrap Head and Body

A) Take the 2 ends of the right and left top quadrants and stick the glued area to the back of boBOT's face. (it is labeled "stick to the back of my face")

B) Repeat with "Body" (the lower right and left quadrants).

Step 7: Finished!

You now have your own boBOT!

Step 8: BoBOT's Friends

The purple paper squid is boBOT's cousin.

A few of boBOT's friends are pictured on the right.

(Most of these are created by Drew Tetz

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