Thomas From Daft Punk W/ Sound!!- on a Budget !

Introduction: Thomas From Daft Punk W/ Sound!!- on a Budget !

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Pleather Jacket (thrift or discount store)
3 - 7.5 ft EL wire with battery packs (ebay)
Masking tape (dollar store)
Needle and Thread that matches wire color (discount or dollar store)


Baseball helmet (thrift or discount store)
Motorcycle helmet visor (ebay)
Iron man or robot mask (discount or dollar store)
7.5 ft EL wire with battery pack (ebay)
Scrolling LED belt buckle (ebay)
Mp3 player speakers (discount or dollar store)
Silver and clear gloss spray paint (discount or hardware store)
White acrylic paint and paint brush(craft or hardware store)
Electric drill/screwdriver and screws (borrow or check garage)
Heavy duty double stick foam squaresand Glue of choice (discount or hardware store)

Led shoelaces (ebay)

How to......

Make jacket by taping EL wire in pattern of your liking on jacket, then hand sew wire down in matching color. Tuck battery pack in sleeves or belted area of jacket.

Make helmet by drilling pattern to do "sewn in"  EL wire design. Then, spray paint Baseball helmet and Iron man or robot mask silver, then clear gloss. Let dry. "Sew" in EL wire and put battery pack in helmet, secure with foam square.  Paint inside of visor white mask of center area, let dry. Screw Motorcycle helmet visor on to helmet. Glue Scrolling LED belt buckle onto inside of visor and paint with white paint leaving an area to see out of. Cut mask in half and attach bottom half to visor. Screw Mp3 player speakers onto sides. Plug in Mp3 player and enjoy!!!

See pics for details and feel free to ask any questions. My final cost was about 60 dollars.

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