Introduction: MK: DIY Thor´s Hammer Piggy Bank

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I love making superheroes props, but this time I also wanted it to serve some purpose. This Thor´s hammer piggy bank build wasn´t really hard so you shouldn´t be worried to try and build it. The importing question is, are you worth it?

Materials: scrap pieces of plywood, leather strips, silver spray paint, small bottle with screw cap, some fancy shape to put on the end of the handle.

Tools: miter saw, drill press, angle grinder with sand paper disc/disc sander, jigsaw, orbital sander.

Step 1: Head

I cut the plywood with a miter saw to several equal sized rectangular pieces. Then I drilled four holes in them and cut out the inside with a jig saw. Then I glued these pieces together and closed it up with piece of particle bord on the bottom and the top. I should´ve used thin plywood instead, beacuse plywood can be sanded much smoother than particleboard.

After the glue was dry, I shaped the head to its final shape. For this a disc sander would be ideal to maintain the flattnes and squareness, however I do not have one, so I used angle grinder with sand paper wheel. After the shape was finalized I ran over the whole surface with orbital sander for nice finnish.

Next I drilled hole on the top of the head and glued in a bottle cap with big hole. Next I drilled series of holes in line next to the hole

Then I spray painted the head first white as primer, than silver for final colour. For the ornaments on bevels I just used black sharpie and kinda drew random lines and shapes. Then I sanded it lightly with fine sandpaper. This added little more genuine look.

Step 2: Handle

For the handle I used aluminium tube. I cut it to size and glued in smal bottle. This will allow the handle to screw into the head.

Next I wrapped the handle with leatherette strip. For ending of the handle I used decorative ending form curtain bar, which I spraypainted silver to match the rest.

Step 3: Screw Opening

The idea behind overcomplicating this biuld with screw caps and such, is to be able to open and close the container inside of the head, when you fill it up with coins. It actually works surprisingly well :-)