Thoughts on Leaving My Beloved Garden

Introduction: Thoughts on Leaving My Beloved Garden

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When I created my garden, I certainly didn’t do it with the intention of 1 day leaving it. Life deals us a different hand of cards at different times of our lives and I never want to be opposed to change. I’m leaving Santa Barbara and will be moving out of California this weekend, which I never thought I’d do. And that means that I’m leaving my beloved garden.

I created this garden and have spent a lot of time in it over the past 10 years. The temperate coastal climate here entices you to spend a lot of time outdoors. I love to work (more like play!) in my garden and I love to sit in it. My garden brings me buckets of joy and although we don’t have 4 seasons, it definitely changes a bit throughout the year.

Something like a living room or a dining room is easy to recreate in a new home if you take your furniture with you. Gardens are different, aren’t they? They’re specific to the site and the environment. Even if you just move across town, your garden will be different. And a cross country move, well that’s a whole new bag. I’m originally from New England and it would be very hard, almost impossible, for me to recreate this garden in that climate.

Step 1:

Gardens are so personal, especially if you’ve created it. It takes time for a garden to grow in. I planted a small 5 gallon Mediterranean Fan Palm in 2008 to shield the ugly gas meters in my front garden from view. It’s finally grown in and now makes a mighty fine block but it took a while.

I look at this garden, which really isn’t mine anymore (it belongs to the new owner now but I’ve stayed on for a few months) and it puts a big smile on my face. Really, from ear to ear! Even though I have to leave it, there are a few things which make it okay.

It was a very enjoyable creative process and 1 of my favorite things to do is to design with plants. I got to watch the garden change and grow over the years which tickled my heart. Someone new gets to enjoy it now, not to mention all the compliments from the neighbors it has garnered. I’ll always remember it. And, I have blog posts & videos about this garden to look back on.

Step 2:

I’d be really sad to leave this beautiful garden except that I get to create a new garden at my new home. And you get to be part of it this time. I get to learn a new soil type, a new environment and lots about new plants. For a plant hound like me, that means big time excitement – like jump up and down, wave the arms and pop the cork.

Gardens are very special and very personal. And although I can’t take it with me, I can take lots of cuttings and some of my plants in pots. A garden is love … and I can’t wait to show you my new garden!

Big hugs from my garden to yours,


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    4 years ago

    you will really be be leaving the future home owners a nice place to relax and I have so loved reading your posts so please don't stop just because you are move just think of this as spreading your love ;-) and keep your advice coming and thank you so much for all of it;-) have a blessed moved.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you Connie! It was sad to leave my garden but I have a beautiful new one to create here. I moved to the Arizona desert so it's going to be totally different. My move went fairly smoothly & I'm happy to be here. Thanks so much for reading & blessings to you too! Nell