Introduction: Three Life Hacks That Will Make Electronics Easy As Pie!

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These are three life hacks that make working with wires and circuits way easier! (I made these up)

Instructables has sent me a prize! I don't know why but I want to say thanks to whoever thought of it!!!

Step 1: This Is Not Step 1, It Is Trick 1!

Put non conductive tape on the bottom of your arduino.

This will not let it short circuit due to a stray wire it has been sitting on.

Step 2: Trick 2

Want to connect a jumper wire to some other wire?

Look at the head of the wire, there may be a small flap like thing.

Slide a very thin object under the flap and simply pull the head off!

Step 3: Paper Clip

Take an insulated (aka colorful) paper clip and unroll it.

Then take a wire cutter and strip the insulation from the sides.

Makes a neat wire for breadboards!