Introduction: Three Things to Do With an Empty Glass Jar

You can make many thing with a glass jar you would normally just throw away. A lot of them are easy and require little effort.


-Glass Jars (3)


-Heavy cream



Step 1: Pepper Jar Decoration

Not only does it look good, but you can use the dried peppers to cook.

1) Wash the peppers well.

2) Dry the peppers in an oven at 200 F. The time depends on how thick the pepper is.

3) Place the peppers in a jar in any order you wish. (Only use air tight jars)

Step 2: Cold Brew

Cold Brew is easy to make and delicious, all you need is patience (Coffee and water).

1) Put 1/4 Cup course ground coffee in a jar.

2) Put in 2 cups cold water.

3) Let it sit at room temperature for 72 hours. (Make sure it is out of direct sunlight)

4) Add 1 cup cold water.

5) Enjoy!

Step 3: Butter

Butter is simple to make and only requires three things.

1) In a bowl whip heavy cream into stiff peaks.

2) Put the whipped cream in a jar with salt.

4) Shake the jar until the cream separates into butter and buttermilk.

That's it. It is supper easy.

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