Three Wire Necklace (Breast Cancer Ribbon)



Introduction: Three Wire Necklace (Breast Cancer Ribbon)

Beautiful jewelry does not need to be expensive! You can make your own high ticket item all on your own and here's how...

Step 1: Pick Your Materials

Above are pictures of materials that I personally recommend.

How do you start? Go and look at the pendents and find one that both inspires and amazes you. Glass pendents amaze me so these are the ones that is exampled. Once you find the pendent you like, find small beads that will match your chosen pendent.

Step 2: Measure and Cut Wire

Once you are home, the first step is to measure and cut the wire into three uniform pieces. Recommended sizes are 14", 18" and 24". Add two inches to whatever measurement you are wishing to achieve. I personally do not actually measure a size. Instead, I take a piece of wire and put it on like a necklace and let it hit me where I would want a pendent to hit if I were to be making a necklace for myself and add two inches from this point in the wire.

Step 3: Secure the Pendent

Put all three pieces of wire together and string the pendent into the middle. To secure the pendent for later on, put one large bead on each side of the pendent. This is also helpful because you will be using much smaller beads later on and if you do not put the large beads on, the pendent will move all around your necklace while you are wearing it.

Step 4: String on the Beads

Now its time to string your beads on! There are so many ways to do this. Some people enjoy patterns and others put the beads on in a random way. In this necklace, I have put the beads on in a random order. String up the beads until there is about an inch left on the end of the wire.

Helpful Tips! I would do one of your six strands of wire (three on each side of the pendent) at a time. Once you finish that strand, where there is the inch left of wire, bend that portion of the wire over so that your beads do not fall off the wire. Do this same folding technique on one of the sides of the pendent while you are doing your first side of three strands of beads so that the pendent stays in the same spot on the wire.

Step 5: Securing the Ends

Once you are all finished with stringing all of the beads, push all of the wire together and string one large bead over the three strands. This will start the process of securing the ends. This is also the ascetic part of securing the ends.

Step 6: Clip Ring

Place a clip ring over the three strands of wire and slide it as close as you can against the large bead. Press the clip ring together against the wire with small flat jewelry pliers to secure the wires together so your beads will not fall off the necklace.

Step 7: Cut and Turn

Cut two of the wires off near the clip ring. With the one remaining wire, turn it over to make a looped shape. Put a clip ring over this loop shape and slide it down as close to the first clip ring. To secure the shape in place with the clip ring, smash it against the wire. The loop of your necklace is done on this side! Make sure that the pendent on your necklace is still in the middle of your bead work before you move on to the next step.

Step 8: Putting on the Clasp

Repeat the "Securing the Ends" and "Clip Ring" Steps on this side of the necklace. This step is very close to the "Cut and Turn" Step. The only difference is that you place the clip ring and clasp on before you turn the metal piece over to create a loop. Secure the loop with the clip ring that is next to the clasp by placing the end of the wire on your loop into the clip ring and pressing down on it.

Step 9: Finished Product

Now you're all done! Go out and show off that beautiful new necklace that you just created!

Design Dedicated to Breast Cancer Survivors Near and Dear to My Heart: Michele and Betty.

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