Introduction: Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick Addon


please be gentle on me.. this is my first instructable.

i needed a few more buttons and axes on my "warthog" joystick, for playing elite dangerous. it is no fun swapping between joystick and keyboard with a "rift" on your head... that is how this idea came to life.

Step 1: Materials and Design

i used 3mm MDF

M5 bolts, washers and spring washers

M3 bolts, washers and spring washers

hotmelt gun

arduino joysticks

various buttons

ardiuno micro was my first controller but i broke it and i swapped to

BU0836A ( so much easier and it is in 12bit

a few cables and bits and pieces

the design was made on the fly, just sort of sketched it and started chopping with my jigsaw.

Step 2: Internal Layout

the two little joysticks needed to be a bit of rounding on the side that is facing towards the inside, because they would have scratched my thumb. and the angles of the joysticks is so strange because i followed the arc of my thumb. the top one works out in a way that if i push "up" with my thumb, my thumb actually moves sort of in a north-west direction. and on the bottom one it is in the direction of west-north-west. i hope that makes sense.

Step 3: Mount on Warthog

to make the mount for it, i just copied the holes from the warthog cover plate and installed m3 bolts. i am not sure if m3 bolts are right but they do fit.

Step 4: Buttons

the buttons i ordered from banggood , nothing special.

i cant give any more advise on the placement on the buttons, i just placed them where it was best for me. i did try to follow the arc of my thumb.

Step 5: Finial Thoughts

this is sort of version 2 already!

if i had a laser cutter i would have made it a bit more professional.

i hope the picture are explaining the things i missed.