Introduction: Thunder Cloud

This intractable will teach you how to make a thunder cloud, which when you touch it will rain and will light up. My project is very interactive. My project is suppose to make water spout out from the pipe which is attached under the cloud so it look likes its raining

Step 1:

Materials list

-card board

-led strips in white and yellow

-thunder noise maker thing


-touch sensor


-drill for the hole

-water tank


-hot glue

-alligator clips


-solder iron



-card board stand


-paint brushes


-water pump


-plastic tub


Step 2: Safety Precautions

Hot glue gun- Itis very hot, so you should not come in contact with the metal nib of the hot glue gun as it will burn you.

Scissors- You should be careful when handling the scissors as if you hold it in a wrong way it might snip you.

Cutter- The cutter is very dangerous if you do not use it in the right way. You should lock it when you use it, because if you do not the cutter will move and you will get hurt.

Saugher iron- While using the Iron you should not touch it, as it will burn your skin off. You should be careful.

Batteries and alligator clips- If you connect the wrong battery to the wrong clip you might get a small spark, so you should know what you are doing to avoid that.

Step 3: Painting and Cutting

To start of my project, I painted and cutted carboard sheets. I cut 5 in a lighting bolt shape and 1 in a cloud shape. I used a cutter to do so, also with the help of a scissor. Then I painted the lightning bolt yellow and the cloud a silver.

Step 4: Sticking on LED Lights

1] The led lights were a similar colour to the colour I painted the cloud. I stuck the led lights with one big strip. I stuck the LED lights with the tape stuck in the back of it, but the glue was not strong enough so I decided to use some tape to stick the back onto the cardboard.

2] Then I used the alligator clips to connect the negative and the positive to see if the light starts working.

Step 5: Back Electricals

1] I stuck my cloud onto a table, to give the effect that it is floating.

2] I used a the black pipe which I stuck under the cloud, which had holes in it.

3] I had a water bowl, which had the pipe in it which sent the water to make it rain. The water pump pumped the water.

4] The wire was put onto the cardboard, and was held but magnets to pull it back. It was weight to hold the cloud back.

5] In the back you can see a small battery which had the alligator clips attached to the back of it. This powered the light you see in the at the bottom, which shows the effect of the actual thunderbolt.

6] I had to tape the wire which had holes in it.

Step 6: Video of My Working Project

Step 7: