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Introduction: Tiki Ring Hook Game

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The tiki hook game is a great game to play. The object of the game is to swing a ring attached to a string that hangs above and you try to hook it on a curved hook. This is great for on patio's, garages, basements. There are many way you can make this. I made mine out of wood in the shape of sure board. I used a wood burner to add features to the wood. Who ever gets to ten loops on the hook first win switching up turns. This can also be played with teams. You could make two and put them side by side.

can get the rings here

Step 1: Tools and Supplies






dril bit


metal ring


wood burner optional

Step 2: Cutting Wood

How I made mine was cutting the back platform into a surf board shape. The back board is there to look cool and to protect whatever you place it on from getting it. Also it is used to bounce the ring off of to get it on the hook. I started by making a template on a sheet of paper. I took the sheet of paper and then folded it in half. I drew a shape of a half a surf board. Once I had a shape that I like I cut the folded paper in half making a shape of an even full size surf board. Mine is about one foot long, by about 5 inches in the widest spot. I took the template and placed it on a piece of wood. I then traced it onto the wood. The piece of wood is about inch wide. I used a JIG SAW to cut out the shape of surf board i previoulsly traced on. I then used a finishing sander to sand down the edges, top and bottom.

Step 3: Finalizing

Once you have you the back drop board cut and sanded it is optional to wood burn a design onto it. It is also optional to add stain and a clear coat. Now you need to figure out a spot where you want to set up the game. There needs to be a spot above that you can hook in a eye hole screw. This should be about four feet away from spot or wall plan on putting the back surf board. The height should be about 5 feet off the ground. Attach a hook towards the top of the surf board. This was done by drilling a small hole and then hand screwing on the hook. Then attach the surf board back drop how ever you feel fit. I screwed mine into the wall.


screw eye hole screw to ceiling

attach surf board back to wall at good height

measure string length so ring just fits on hook

play the game

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