Introduction: Time Turner Necklace Using Key Rings

I have always wanted to make a time turner necklace, like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but this was something I held for impossible.

Last month I came across a random pinterest picture and fell in love with it.

so I started making time turner necklace something like that pic but in different way .

I was shocked at how easy this was! Save yourself the 50 bucks it costs to get it from the Noble collection.

And it can be used as a prototype.

I hope you like it!


2 small Bead(s)

2 large white beads(as shown in pic)

Necklace Chain

3 Key Ring of different size

1 golden teardrop shaped Bead (small)


wire cutter

super glue

Step 2:

cut the wire and put the two larger bids on it

Step 3:

put the wire with the beads through sides of smallest key ring

Step 4:

Repeat the same with middle sized key ring

so that inner key ring should be able turn freely within the middle ring
use wire cutter to cut wire down to exact size it needs.

use another piece of wire to attach the last key ring.

stick a small wire piece on the middle key ring using super glue exactly as shown in image.

Step 5:

put the wire with middle key ring through small beads on both side..

and then put the wire with middle key ring through largest key shown in image.

(i have not use small beads in pic...)

Step 6:

now make small oval shape from wire as shown in pic..

and stick it to the larger key ring

Step 7:

put a chain through the ring of time turner and enjoy your piece of jwellery.

you can also use gold color spray to color the time turner

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