Tinfoil Emergency Battery Device Fix

Introduction: Tinfoil Emergency Battery Device Fix

Have you ever had a problem when one of your devices, a flashlight, radio, remote has a problem where one of the battery contacts breaks or the spring that holds the battery tight is off center or breaks off? Or the contact is loose so the battery doesn't fit tightly?

You can order some clip replacements and hope they fit, but what if you need the device NOW!!

Well this is so SIMPLE yet most people haven't thought of it!


tin foil.

Step 1:

Very simple. Ball up a small bit of tin foil and put it in between the battery and the loose contact. Just enough to keep it snug. That's it!!! It will work like new.

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    1 year ago

    I've used that trick to power a AA device with AAA batteries. Thanks for this instructable. It is clear and easy to replicate. I take my hat off to you.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for taking the time for the kind comment. Made my day.