Tinkercad Covid-19 Safe Gym

Introduction: Tinkercad Covid-19 Safe Gym

In this contest I didn't worry about the equipment or pool. Instead I focused on the covid-19 factor. Since coronavirus is a airborne disease there isn't much use to do a daily cleaning on the equipment, even though its still a good idea. My design is mainly a series of air ducts. The top vent is an intake of the people breathing in the room. The duct travels through a HEPA air filter, which in my opinion would be best to filter any type of disease or virus. The vent below people in the one person room is to push out the filtered air to have a continuous stream of clean air.


1. A computer

2. Internet

3. Looking up Tinkercad

Step 1: Think of Design

I put a lot of thought into the design of a safe gym to workout and rehabilitate in. With 2021 coming up and the new strand of coronavirus in the UK I had to think of the best filter and air ventilation design. I ended up with the HEPA air filter that should filter out the majority of viruses and diseases. For the air ventilation system I figured a continuous stream of air created through two vents.

Step 2: Make Layout

As shown in the pictures of my model, I have vents on top and the bottom of my very cubular building. I chose it to be transparent in this so you can see the different individual one person rooms. The rooms should be able to keep the person inside safest from covid due to isolation and the filtration system.

Step 3: Publish

Lastly, publish your design to the contest or instructables. Good luck to all in this competition.

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