Introduction: Tinkercad Phone and Cable Holder

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This phone and cable holder allows you to place your phone inside4 different slots and stop dust from getting all over it with a protective cover. It's simple and easy. Put any unused cables in the 6 slots and slide your phone in too!

You can view the finished product at

There's also a .csv file for you to download below. It has the whole design.


You'll need:

  • A Computer
  • Tinkercad or other 3d printing software

Step 1: Cable Slot Base

Go to tinkercad and create an account if you don't have one already. Then create a new 3d design.

On the workplane, drag out a polygon.

Step 2: Cable Slot Hole

Drag out another polygon and change it to a hole. Do this by clicking on the shape and then clicking the hole button near the top right. From here, change the size from 6 to 4 using the slider just below the hole button with the label size. This allows for the hole to leave a small area on all sides while the hole also being in the exact center. Now drag the hole into the center of the solid polygon and then drag the bevel slider to max for both shapes. Press CTRL+G/Command+G or click the group button just below the toolbar.

Step 3: Creating the Rest of the Cable Slots

You should have one shape now. If not, press CTRL+A/Command+A and then CTRL+G/Command+G.

Click the shape and rotate it 90 degrees and the copy and paste it 5 times. Connect them like shown in the 2 last images and drag the ones on the end up like shown in the last image.

Step 4: Phone Holder Wall

Drag a cube and change it's width to 2. Copy and paste it on to the workplane. Drag it next to the 2 cable holders on the end like shown in the last image.

Step 5: Phone Holder Slots

Drag another cube and change it's height to 2.68, length to 1.25, and width to 55. Drag it on top of the 4 cable slots on the bottom and duplicate it 3 times.

Step 6: Roof

For this step, I'll switch the angle at which I'm viewing to make it easier to see what I'm doing.

Drag a cube and drag on top of the edge cable holders. Change it's height to 2 and stretch it out so it meets the cable holders at the edges.

Drag a hole cube and change it's height to 1. Change the width to 56 and length to 69. Drag it to the center of the roof block and you're almost done.

Drag another hole cube and change the height to 2 and width to 55. It's length should be 16. Drag it in the center of the roof and then group everything (CTRL+A/Command+A and CTRL+G/Command+G)

Step 7: Changing Color

Select the shape (you should only have one shape) and change it's color. I'm changing it to white because it gives it a cleaner look.

Step 8: Dust Cover

Drag a cube and flatten it down to a height of 1. Then change it's width to 56 and length to 25.

Step 9: Custimization

You can customize this cover from here by adding text to your dust cover or adding extra features like a second phone holder above it. I'll show you how to add text.

Drag a text block onto the dust cover and type what text you want in the TEXT input and then resize it to fit on the dust cover. Make sure the hole isn't going completely through the dust cover and just halfway. You can see what I mean in the last photo.

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