Tinkercad in Space!

Introduction: Tinkercad in Space!

I am a home school parent for my son. I am interested in Tinkercad so when I came across the distance learning with Tinkercad I told him about the contest. Inspired by the recent Falcon-9 launch I gave him an assignment to make a scene of the Falcon-9 launch and three creative examples of space objects using Tinkercad. Then he came up with these awesome examples! The space shuttle, a space capsule, and a robot that can go to space.

Step 1: Space-shuttle

He first made this space shuttle so that the astronauts or astrobots can travel to space. The Space shuttle would launch with a capsule so that the astronauts or astrobots can actually be in the shuttle.

Step 2: Capsule

Next, he made this capsule where the astronauts or astrobots can live in during their space trip.

Step 3: Astrobot

Finally, he made this astrobot to go to space! The reason that an astrobot would go instead of a human is that astrobots don't need oxygen, food, or anything a human needs to survive. The only thing an astrobot needs is a power source.

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    2 years ago on Step 3

    Love this! Watched the full livestream of the Crew-Dragon and was absolutely captivated!