Tiny Bathroom Reveal – From Embarrassment to Moody Stunner!

Introduction: Tiny Bathroom Reveal – From Embarrassment to Moody Stunner!

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Main floor tiny bathroom reveal! This bathroom was the most difficult and annoying of the planning issues I had here during the renovation. (To get the whole scoop check out my post all about it here.) I think I made the practical choice on where I ended up putting the bathroom but, really, there were few options and I didn’t like any of them. But now that its fixed and finished I kind of love our tiny bathroom now! First though let’s take a trip back to what this little space looked like before.

And I wanted anyone staying to feel like they had a nice space and to really be comfortable here. I designed the home so the bathroom and two bedrooms on the main floor have their own private hall which is cool as heck for guests. It means this bathroom will feel practically like their own on-suite!

But it was neglected and dingy… and that was embarrassing! The vanity was one of my mom’s old dressers when she first moved out on her own when she was 19. Many years ago I refinished it, replaced the hardware with a towel rod and knobs and added the sink. (It provides some decent storage too.)

Step 1: Poly on the Floors First

One of the first things I did when I started work on this room was put another coat of polycrylic on the floors. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The floors in this little space might be the most beautiful in the whole home!

I had a towel bar above the toilet (you can see it in the before pic) but there was already a large towel bar on the vanity and this space is so little I felt that was plenty.
That freed up space for artwork above the toilet besides on the wall across from the vanity which I think really adds a lot to this little bathroom. I like the contrast of the teals to the not-quite-purple-black wall color. (The paint is called Black Currant and its by Valspar.)

Step 2: Fixing the Shower by Cheating a Little...

I purchased the cute little box on the back of the toilet from Amazon. It was a huge splurge for me (and totally weird I didn’t just build one out of barn wood) but its fun!

And sometimes its nice to buy something new instead of building it every single time! I did some cheating when I painted this room out by covering up some ugly with a ceiling medallion instead of fixing the sheet rock around the shower head and I think it worked out fine. All in I’m certainly no longer embarrassed by this little bathroom! I love the paint color! It feels a little feminine, fancy and moody while the other elements still keep the space comfortable and fun.

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