Introduction: Tiny Flower Necklace Pendant

Sticky glue and paper never really makes a good combination. But, what if someone could make a beautiful necklace out of it? In just one hour, you can take some strips of paper, resin, and a pendant plate and turn it into a perfect gift!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

The materials needed are:

Step 2: Making the Fern

For a necklace like this, there needs to be some kind of main background. In this case, I am using a fern. To make a fern, take some green quilling paper and cut it into small strips, each shorter then the other (The leaves). Then, cut an other piece of paper in half with a point on the top (The stem). Then, using the Elmer's glue, assemble and glue the fern to the pendant plate. Let this dry a bit before moving on.

Step 3: Making the Flowers

Once the fern is secure to the plate, you can start quilling the flower. Take an inch long piece of purple (you can use other colors if you want) paper and insert the end of it into the slot on the qulling pen. Then, rap the paper around the pen and glue the end down. Squeeze it for thirty seconds and then carefully remove form the pen. Make five more of these. Then, glue the circles to a short piece of green paper, three on each side. Set this aside to let it dry while you make another one. (If you want, then you can make another one of a different color then the first) Once the two flowers are dry, carefully glue them to the plate by placing a dot of glue on the back of the flower pedals (the six purple circles). Let this dry COMPLETELY before moving on.

Step 4: Gluing It

The last step is to cover the top in Epoxy (resin) to give it a finished look. First, mix glue and stir it well. If you have air bubbles in it, then you may dip the container in hot water (DO NOT GET ANY WATER IN THE GLUE) or blow on them with a hair dryer. Then, carefully pour the resin into the plate, covering the flowers. If it drips over the side, then just let it dry and then cut it off with a razor. Let the resin set for two days and then when it is finished, clean up the edges with the razor and POOF! It is finished!

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