Introduction: Tips for Making Modern Houses in Minecraft: Interior

If you haven't seen the exterior portion of this two part series check it out here.

There is also a world download, and a link to the Flows HD texture pack in that Instructable.

These tips are not just for "modern" houses! Most of them will work for all houses!

Step 1: Wall Patterns

I like to add some wall patterns to my modern houses. like the one in the picture. I especially like to put them around doors.

Step 2: Lighting

I prefer sea lanterns in my modern houses, especially in Flows HD just because of the metal bars, and I think the blue color looks great with the white.

Step 3: Stairs

I would highly suggest using slab stairs, as it takes away the "normal" look of most builds. I also like to add some pillars to make it look more realistic. Honestly how many floating stair cases have you seen? Besides in Harry Potter?

Step 4: Windows

I like blue or light blue tinted windows; like I said with the lighting, I like the blue against the white.

Step 5: Home Entertainment Center

This is an important step in any good house. Don't just put a painting on a wall and call it a TV. Make it look like one.

Step 6: Gardens

I like to add some form of flower gardens in my houses. These are my favorites.

Step 7: Games

I like to include at least one of three games:

A dartboard

A pool table

A ping pong table

These designs are pretty simple, but if you can't figure them out, tell me in the comments and I'll see what i can do.

Step 8: Other Decorations

I also like to include a desk of some kind, whether it be a PC, or a book desk, I usually have one.

I also like to "mount a moose" and put it on my wall.