Introduction: Tissue Paper and Glue Collage

Brighten up your laundry room or powder room with a simple and strong graphic that you can complete in a couple of hours. It's an easy and very inexpensive way to make a statement and fill a spot on your wall.

Step 1: Materials

The simplicity of this project makes it perfect for any age group or level of artistic ability. Gather these materials:

A canvas or stiff cardboard
Colored tissue paper
White school glue
Paint brushes (one broad and one small)
Pencil and eraser

You'll also need an inspiration. I used a photo I took, so I wouldn't violate anyone's copyright. Be careful of doing that.

Step 2: Prepare the Materials

Tear the tissue paper into strips and block shapes. Make a solution of glue and water, in equal proportions, about four tablespoons each. You can make more, if you need it.

Step 3: Glue and Place

Working in small sections, apply the glue mixture to the canvas. Place tissue paper onto the wet sections, using your inspiration as a color guide. Using different tones of green will let me delineate foliage. I didn't have different tones of the red, so I applied small strips where I wanted some depth, and then I placed larger sections on top of those strips.

Step 4: Place Stamens

I twisted small shreds of white tissue paper, dipped them into the glue mixture, and placed them into the flower.

Step 5: Add Highlights and Hang It Up

Using black acrylic paint, I outlined the petals and leaves. Don't worry about perfection on this step. It's tissue paper be glue, and perfection isn't the point. The harder you try to make it look like a photograph, the farther you're getting from making it unique.

I painted the tips of the stamens with yellow acrylic paint and touched up the center with the yellow.

Because you're working with fast-drying glue and acrylic paints, this thing is ready to hang almost as soon as you've finished. It's a great little project that you can enjoy for a long time.

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