Introduction: To a Deer Friend

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, i'm an art teacher, and also make paper mache

So, about a couple of months ago i asked to my facebook friends what should i do next as a proyect. A friend reply asking me if i can make her a copy of a piece made by an artist she was following on intagram

The first photo was the one she send me, and the second is the copy i made.

I don´t want to get any credit in the design of the character, i only made it possible throw my knowledge on papier mache.

Step 1: Scrap Wood

After thinking how to make the deer, and draw a template on a piece of paper, i gather scrap wood from the workshop.

First mark the deer profile, then the back piece (the part that is attached to the wall), and finally the "shoulders" or where the profile fits with the backpiece.

Step 2: The Parts

And here are the parts separately

- Profile

- Shoulders

- Back piece

- Ears

The ears where made of cardboard (the thicker) wrapped with wire diametrically, i put a little paper and glue to attach the wire.

Step 3: Join the Parts With Nails and Glue

Put some PVA glue on the profile, and attach the shoulder, with nails. Then put more glue on the shoulder and attach it to the back piece, with more nails.

Make a hole with the drill for hang the deer on the wall

Step 4: Attach the Ears

I made a hole before in the profile for insert the ears with the wire, bend it for a firm fit.

Step 5: Ode to Disney S Art Attack

One of my favorites tv show as a child was disneys art attack, so there i had the inspiration for the head. Wrap with news paper and tape.

Step 6: Put the Paper Mache

Another fine part of the process! Put PVA glue above all of the wrapped deer and add paper mache (had other instructable on how to make the paste and the paper mache.)

With a palette knife smooth the surface. The ears have to be make once the head is dry.

Step 7: Once Its Dry

Well, once the head and the ears dry one week at leats, make the first sanding of the entirely piece.

Step 8: Plaster and Sand It

Add the plaster (the one its use to cover imperfections of the wall) with the palette knife.

then sand it all over again with a nail file an sanding paper

With a carving tool, mark the eyes, mouth and nose.

Step 9: A Sponge Bath

It is essential for the next step to clean out the dust or the plaster sanded powder, with a wet sponge.

Step 10: Paint It White

paint it the whitest white you have.

Step 11: Give It Some Color and Varnish

The first coat of paint was a mix of white and brown, the second and third one, were coats of white, orange and a brown.

The stripes were orange with brown.

For the eyes, i decided to paint them, because i thought they where a little creepy to watch, and if you hang the deer at your home and are alone...

I mix several shades of blue and gray. Did the pupil black, and add some white for the brightness.

Finally varnish all and let it dry watching the sunset.

Step 12: Ready for Hang

This little hook are called "bear ears", i nail it to the back piece.

And its ready to hang on your wall, without frightened with his eyes.

Step 13:

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