Introduction: Toddler Camp Mattress/carry Bag

About: One minute you're basking in the wonderfulness of Texas, the next you're in a frozen wasteland with no hope of return. Or something like that.

Ever go camping with the wee ones, and don't want them sleeping on the cold, hard ground? Do you have a soft padded bow case? Then I've got the camping hack for you!

Step 1: Soft Bow Case

This is what it looks like with a bow inside.

Step 2: The Inside

with a bow inside.

Step 3: Hmm...

What's inside now?

Step 4: Toddler Bedding!

Yay. This way her pillow* and sleeping bag can stay together while traveling.

*Not my toddler's actual pillow. This one's not princessy enough.

Step 5: Ready for the Sleeping!

Now she's got padding/insulation for a snug night's rest-at least until she ends up in my sleeping bag.

Olaf not included.