Introduction: Toddler Iron Man Costume

A great costume for your little super!


Paint (red, yellow)
Foam sheet x2 ( I used a floor mat)
Blue LED bike lights
2 mm craft foam
Masking tape
Velcro strips
Hot glue gun and glue
Exacto knife
Super glue
Red long sleeved shirt
Red sweat pants

Step 1: Cut and Lay Out Your Pattern

Cut the Pieces out and lay them out according to the picture above. You need two of each sheet, you won’t use all the circles and little Pieces.
Get the pattern here.
Once you know how they lay out start tracing onto the foam

Step 2: Hot Glue!!!

Hot glue the pieces together on an angle so the chest piece curves inward

Step 3: Paper Mache

I decided to papier-mâché the body to get a smoother look.

Papier-mâché recipe,
5 cups of water
One cup of flour
Boil until You have a thick pasteTake strips of paper dip in the papier-mâché and draped over your project
Let dry over night

Step 4: Arc Reactor

Cut out the print out of the arc reactor and trace onto 2 mm craft Foam

Cut out out arc reactor

Take cardboard and outline edge making a sort of cup.

Place a piece of paper inside

Step 5: Arc Reactor Part Two

Place your bicycle lights inside your arc reactor, and tape in place.

Glue a circle of cardboard on the back of the arc reactor leaving the Battery pack out.
Glue the battery pack on the outside of the reactor.

Step 6: Rocket Boosters

Make four cylinders of paper and paint red

Paint eight strips of 2 mm craft Foam Yellow

Glue the foam strips around the top and bottom of the rocket cylinders

Glue two rocket cylinders together slightly uneven

Glue Velcro onto the bottom of your toddler pants

And the other side of the Velcro onto the back of your rocket boosters

Attach the boosters to the pants

Step 7: The Helmet

The helmet is pretty much the same process as the chest plate, the template is here.

Again, I chose to paper mache over the helmet to make it smooth.

Paint your helmet

Step 8: Painting the Chest Plate

The entire chest plate is red so it’s not a Difficult task

Just make sure you have lots of red paint

Step 9: Straps and Arc Reactor

Place straps on the inside of your chest plate by cutting slots into your plate and sliding the straps through

Place your arc reactor inside the circular hole in the middle of your chest plate

Glue in place

Step 10: Assemble!!

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