Introduction: Toddler Push / Kick Bike Restore

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Walking through the antique show in Hillsville VA I saw an older push / kick bike I have never seen before. Made an offer and the rest is history.

If anyone has information on this little bike please leave a comment.

From my reading and searching I do believe it is wither "Playskool" or "fisherprice" Late 60's or early 70's the closest i can find is the "playskool" Tyke bike! again any help and all comments or thoughts are welcomed!

Sit back look over the pictures and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Step 1: Before the Disassembly

A few more pictures of its over all condition before and how it looks before the restore process takes place!

Step 2: Removing Rivets

I have removed the wheels and here I am left with the axle and connector plates.

The entire bike is put together with rivets and they will all need to come out.

Rivets are not always tough to get out but in this case they would spin as you would start to drill and would have to brace the back without being in the way of the drill.

Step 3: Disassembly Pictures

showing a few more close up pictures of the current state the bike was in when.

Step 4: Removing the Grips and the Seat

These items will not be replaced or restored so I had to take good care when removing.

One grip was a pain it was stuck on but working with it I did get it off in one piece streamers still attached.

The seat was held on with plastic pegs and lock nuts (one way nuts) i used side cutters to cut these trying not to break any of the seat tabs. it was also a success.

Step 5: Polishing the Axles

Here i took 800 grit sanding pad and put one end of the axle in a drill it worked great as you can tell from the before an after picture posted above!

Step 6: Sandblasting

I sent all the items to a good friend that sandblasted them to perfection.

This gave me a great clean starting point for primer and painting!

Step 7: Primer

Spray flat white rustoleum primer

Step 8: Painting

I really dislike painting.

Im not good at it and somehow mess it up almost every time.

But this didn't turn out too bad some specks but I am blaming that on the humidity.

Step 9: Paint Inspection and Layout Before Assembly

I took all the parts inside and let them sit for another 12+ hours to dry in a climate controlled area.

Inspected the parts to make sure I was happy with all the parts before putting everything together.

Step 10: Taking Measurements to Purchase Hardware

Here I had to take a few different measurements to make sure I got to correct side bolts.

I wanted them to be secure but also not stick out to much to snag anything.

I think he is getting excited haha

Step 11: Assembly

Pretty Straight forward here just putting it all back together!

Step 12: Update

Few pictures before the accessories are installed.

Step 13: Side Kick Helping Out

I put the wheels in the sink to get them a good scrub and cleaning.

I ran into some issues here as the paint was trying to come off while scrubbing too hard. so had to back off some and just use a towel.

Little man inspecting my work!

Step 14: Reevaluating Wheels

I went to HomeDepot and bought every lock nut (speed nut) (one way nut) I could find.

After all of these did not work. I had to go to plan B

I ended up threading the axles as pictured. there was not enough room to use nylon locking nuts so I have them all locktite down.

Only time will tell if this was a good idea or not!

Step 15: Adding the Seat

Here I took a set of locking washers and drove them over the studs with a socket making sure to put them in place evenly as the same time. This was the best method I could think of.

Step 16: Time to Test It Out!

I used the original grips and streamer with the original wheels untouched.

Put them all together and little man had to put it to the test.

Still a little small but he will soon get the hang of it!

Step 17: Final Pictures

And its finished!

I think he likes it!

Thank you for following along if you have any questions about any of my steps please leave a comment. I love hearing feedback good and bad if there is something i could improve on let me know.

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