Toilet Paper Pedestal Tower

Introduction: Toilet Paper Pedestal Tower

A simple but elegant looking way to store extra rolls of TP

Step 1: What You Need

•candle pedestal
•3/4" dowel rod
•decorative knob
•3" wood screw
•gorilla glue (wood)

Step 2: Drilling

Drill holes in pedestal & ends of dowel rod.

•Hole in the pedestal should be same size as the 3" screw head but snug fitting, you don't want the screw to be able to wiggle. The depth of the hole should be approximately 1.5".

•The hole in the bottom end of the dowel should be predrilled to match the screw coming out of the pedestal. The depth should be approximately 1.25".

•The hole in the top of the dowel rod should match the screw head size of the decorative knob. The depth should be the length of the remaining exposed screw of the decorative knob when the knob can no longer be tightened.

Step 3: Glue & Hammering

Squeeze small amount of gorilla glue into pedestal hole & decorative knob hole, then gently use hammer to tap screw heads down into holes. Ensure the screws are straight then fill in holes with gorilla glue. Leave to solidify over night.

Step 4: Paint

Once glue has set paint the pedestal & dowel rod to match. Set aside to dry.

Step 5: Assemble

Gently screw dowel onto pedestal until its flush, be careful not to twist to hard when securing dowel or you might crack the dowel rod. Screw decorative knob onto the dowel & your done!

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