Introduction: Tom Riddle's Diary From Soda Can and a Diary (Harry Potter)


Hi Potterheads! I'm gonna show you how we can make a Tom Riddle's Diary from soda can, Artificial leather and a diary. You can follow my YT Video, it is in Spanish with English subs but it had more details.


  1. White Pages Notebook (Blank) about 8,5"x6" (or whatever you want it).
  2. Black Artificial Lether bigger than your diary.
  3. A soda Can.
  4. Gold Paint
  5. Black and Grey Model Paint (you can also use acrilics or even black shoe polish)
  6. Gold Pencil


  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Rotary Tool (Optional)
  • Brush
  • Wipe

Step 1: Prepare Your Diary

Select your diary and then remove everything that doesn't belong, like color pages.

Step 2: Cover Your Diary With Black Artificial Leather

Cover your diary with black artificial leather, you have to leave at least 1" to each side so you can bent inward the covers, make sure your diary is centered this is very important then glue it, put some weight over and let it dry.

Cut the corners and the lether up and down your diary's spine.

Bent inwars and glue the extra leather on covers, put some weight over and let it dry.

I'm also glue the first page on each side to the cover to hide extra leather.

Step 3: Making the Metallic Corners

First draw your corner design on hard paper, use the photographs on this post or watch the video as reference. cut it.

Cut botton and top of a soda can and then through it to let it flat. Mark your design 4 times on it and then cut the 4 metallic pieces.

With a Cutter cut the diamond shape (as see on reference) and I'm gonna use my rotary tool to meka the other holes, you can use what you want (you can also draw this holes with black marker after paint gold instead to make real holes).

Now with a pen, mark hard the low relief desings(diamon shape arround the diamond holes and the four-pointed stars/flowers).

Paint it with gold paint, lei it dry.

Finally glue it to the corners.

Step 4: Write the Date and the Name

With a gold pencil write on front cover the date 1943, this year was when Myrtle dies and the chamber of secrets was open by Tom Marvolo Riddle, also in the book says that the diary have print on it a date fifty years old. On the Back cover write "Tom Marvolo Riddle".

I'm not gonna use an extra piece of leather to write "Tom Marvolo Riddle" becouse that's only on Nooble Collection, not movies and not in the books.

You can use the photographs on this post or watch the video as reference to where write it.

Step 5: Aging

This is where all the magic exist, this make your diary look like a real prop.

Use black paint over the golden corners and gray paint over the black leather, I'm using model paint but you can use acrilics (caution it dry very fast) or even shoe polish (this dry slow).

The process is the same; Apply paint over the surface, let it dry a little bit (only to let dirty the surface), then remove the exess paint with a wipe.

And now you have your own Tom Riddle's Diary!

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