Introduction: Tool Hanger From Instamorph

1. This is the finished product of what you will make.

Step 1: The Design I Am Going For

1. This is basically the blueprint for my design and what I will be using to base my look off of.

Step 2: Heating Your Instamorph

1. Heat it to at least 140 degrease F / 60 degrease C.

2. If using unopened bag let sit in pan for 2 minutes.

3. If your reusing your instamorph then you should know what it looks like heated and should take it out when fully clear or smoky, whichever works best for you.

Step 3: Bottom Mounting Plate

1. First you will want to get a ball of your instamorph any size really but I would prefer a bigger ball then you think you need.

2. Flatten it out and use a sharpened knife to cut it into a rectangular shape about 3 1/2 x 2 inches wide.

3. Give it two holes near the edge and in the middle of the rectangle, but before you put them in make sure you have screws that are big enough to fit those holes or you will be doing it all over again.

4. flatten out and mold hoe you want.

Step 4: Mold for Base of Arms

1. Get a cap from a bar of deodorant.

2. Clean it.

3. Mold the heated plastic into it so its snug.

4. Once you have it at a state in which your pleased knock it against a hard surface and it should pop right out.

Step 5: Mounting the Arm Holder to the Base Plate

1. Once you have both parts finished you will be able to mount them together. you will need to dip the end of each in the boiling water so that they will be able to stick together.

2. Once there together there is no need to hold they are made to want to bond together.

3. let cool down unless you want to make any adjustments to your creative flow.

Step 6: Arm Peice for the Holder

1. Roll ball of heated plastic in your hand until it is a good length long.

2. Fold until in a U shape and flatten out the end that you are going to mount onto the rest of the holder.

3. Shape until you like your design.

4. I flipped the edges to give it flare and to have items less likely slide off when hung up.

Step 7: Finished Peice Looks

1. Do the same things you did to put the other pieces together and put the arms together.

2. Let your masterpiece dry!!