Introduction: ToothPick-Boat

I am always fascinated by items which can be easily made and all of the things to make it are easily available at home. I live near the sea and on bright days I see people sailing their fancy boats.

But this boat is different from the modern boats. Its less machine and more human.

I want to make my own boat. But before making the big one I want to try the quick prototype of my boat.

So the inspiration for my boat is to make my own boat.

Step 1: Base of the Boat.

The boat we are trying to make is the replica of the bamboo boat used by tribal in lakes or in offbeat locations.

Take 10-15 sticks together and stick them parallelly to each other. This will be the base of the boat

Step 2: Sides of the Boat

Now we have to make the sides of the boat which keeps the boat afloat in he water.

Take two toothpcks and stick them together with the glue. Repeat the step with other pair of toothpicks aswell.

Now fiix them on the edges of the boat. allow them to dry for 10-15 min

Step 3: Shaft of the Boat

Take the paper and cut it in the shape of shaft. Attach the toothpick on the side of the shaft to give support to it.

Step 4: Human on the Boat

Draw a shape of human on paper and cut it. Attach a toothpick on it to give it a support

Step 5: Attach the Shaft and Human Together on the Boat

Attach the Shaft and Human together on the boat

Step 6:

Put them all together.

Draw an image and put your boat in the waters. :)

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