Toothpick House With Working Door!




Introduction: Toothpick House With Working Door!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

2)wood glue
3) wooden skewers
4) hot glue
5) Dremel or exact-o-knife
6) green and brown paint
7) cellophane
8) mini wire lights

Step 2: Base

Start by lining up the skewers unevenly and wood glue together.
Then once dry, paint with a watered down brown for a lightly tinted brown base.

Step 3: Bottom of House

Line up the toothpick evenly as shown in the pictures with one toothpick across the back so they don't fold over. Wood glue them together. Make several of these to use along the process.

Step 4: Bottom of the House Part 2

Attach all of the wooden toothpick rectangles from previous step into a giant rectangular box as shown above. *you do not attach it to the base yet, that is just shown for looks*

Step 5: The Opening/Closing Door

Lay a few toothpick vertically or horizontally like the picture above with the backing shown (use exact-o-knife). Wood glue them together.

Step 6: Door Part 2

Roll up cork ribbon and wood glue it shut. Once dry cut into two small pieces that should be in a cylindrical shape.

Step 7: Door Part 3

Glue cork ribbon to wooden base of house. Thread thread through the cork ribbon and glue to the door. Add tip of toothpick to the outside as a doorknob.

Step 8: Second Story

Form the toothpick rectangles in a box on top of the first story. Glue with wood glue. Then make a small square out of toothpicks and hold next to second story to cut out part of the hole (for the window)

Step 9: Third Story

Just like the first and second story, make a rectangular box. This time cutting out holes from bottom where the tops of the windows will be. *house is still not attached to base*

Step 10: The Windows

Use the cellophane to cover the windows and then place toothpicks like a cross over the cellophane.

Step 11: Roof

Like you made the toothpick rectangles for the 3 stories, make a longer one (the length of your house) and glue together. Then use the knife or Dremel to form it into a triangle. Attach this to the roof.

Step 12: Roof Part 2

Like the base, use the wooden skewers and line them up, this time a few sticks longer than the width of the house and glue together. Then Dremel the ends so it slightly sticks over the edge and glue together. (Hot glue works well but wood glue would be fine)

Step 13: Roof Part 3 (cleaning It Up)

Get a few skewers and make about 3 the width of the roof, and set the other 4 aside. Hot glue or wood glue like shown above in the first picture. Then with the other 4 line up with the symmetrical sides of triangle and Dremel to that length. Glue them in the ensures to cover the glue from the roof.

Step 14: Trees

For the trunk, grab a handful of toothpicks and rubber band them together. Glue them in a not neat way for texture. Then paint brown.

Step 15: Trees Part Two

For the top, glue toothpicks randomly to form a not neat sphere shape. Then paint green and attach to base.

Step 16: Trees Part 3

Set house on base for sizing and glue trees to base. Then cover the clue with brown paint for nice finish.

Step 17: Lights!!

Use the wire lights and glue throughout the inside of the house. Make sure the control box leads outside the back of the box so you can still change the batteries:)

Step 18: Last Step!

Glue house to base and you're done with a beautiful toothpick house that lights up and has a working door!

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    5 years ago

    Where do you get this stuff from?


    8 years ago

    Thank you very much! I appreciate your comment:)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work. It looks like you have a nice display piece there. I especially like the final illuminated version.


    8 years ago



    8 years ago

    Wow, this was really good!


    8 years ago

    Thank you!!