Introduction: Top-hanger

You like making your own stuff? (Yes you do because you are on 'instructables' ;) )

Do you have a lot of beer or soda tops?

You can make a key-hanger with them.

Lets recycle them!

Things you will need

  • 1 Nail
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • A pad
  • 1 Ring
  • ±30cm of wire (it doesn't matter what kind of wire but it has to be strong and easy to make knots with it)
  • 20-26 tops (the more you use the bigger it gets)
  • Additionally a few metal rings which mostly come with the ring you ripped of another key-hanger


I am not responsible for something you do during the process nor for damage this key-hanger caused.

It is a sharp item so be careful with phones, cars etc. (especially when you attach it to a backpack or something similar)

This is my first instructable so if you have advice, let me know.

If you have questions, feel free to ask and I will try to find a solution.

Step 1: Collect Beer or Soda Tops

Look for beer or soda tops you want to use for your key hanger.

I wanted a red key-hanger made of tops of my favourite beer Stella Artois® :) but you can be as creative as you want to be!

  • Rainbows
  • Lines
  • Black & White
  • Favourite drinks
  • Favourite brands
  • ...


I preferred flat and non damaged tops but normally any top should work.

24 seems to be a good amount of tops.

If you want a specific colour, you can paint the tops.

Step 2: Making Holes

Now we have to make holes into the tops.

  1. Place a pad on your table for protection
  2. Take a nail and a hammer and make a hole inside the top; the nail has to be a little bit bigger than the wire you will use later on
  3. Use the pictures to see what I mean


If you want your top-hanger to be equal, you can make the holes at the same place on every top

(We don't need the scissors here yet)

Step 3: Looking for a Wire

You can use any wire of ±30cm to put trough your tops.

BUT I advice you to take one which is flexible and strong

Step 4: Make a Knot

Make a knot at the end of one side of the wire to prevent the tops from falling down.

Don't cut off the wire after you made the knot. You will still need it.


I made an 8 knot. You can check it out on the 2nd picture. If that is not clear enough you can look for a video on internet.

Step 5: Adding the Tops to the Wire

Put the wire trough all the tops you perforated, in the order you want.


I made all my holes at one side of the tops. (1st picture) When I pushed the wire trough the tops, I ensured the tops were in the same direction. (2nd picture)

When you have put all your tops on the wire, don't cut the wire off yet.

Step 6: More Knots

Now we have to attach the two sides of the wire onto each other. I used a bowline knot. It is not an easy knot.

If you need help and steps, this website could help you out (

If you prefer another knot, go ahead and experiment!

Step 7: Strapping Together

Pull at the knot, at the tops, at the wire so everything comes close to each other. You can use a pliers to make pulling easier.

Be careful not to break your wire, as I did a few times :) don't panic if that happens to you, you can still continue if you have a small piece of wire.

Step 8: Tight!

It is important that the tops are as close as you can get them to each other like on the picture. Then you get a round top-hanger.

Now you should cut off one end of the wire, the one where you made an 8-knot in. (that is normally the short piece of wire, if it isn't and if you are doubting, you can cut them off later on)

On the photo, you can see my wire was really short, it's better to have a longer piece of wire.

Step 9: Rings

We now need at least one big ring.

There are a lot of ways to adjust the ring to the wire.

  1. You can make another bowline knot to put your ring trough
  2. You can use the wire itself as a ring
  3. Add little rings to flat them around the wire.
  4. ...


I took another key hanger and pulled the rings off.

I needed the little rings (2nd picture) because my wire broke. I flatted the one at the end around the wire with my pliers and adjusted the first one to my ring.

That was a really solid solution.

Step 10: You'r Done!

You made it? Push the button if so :)

Are you happy with the result?

If you are, enjoy your creation!

If your friends ask how you did it (like they asked me), please share this instructable with them!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will look for a solution.

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