Tornado Potato

Introduction: Tornado Potato

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Hi Everybody,

Hope you all are doing great :) I'm back with another recipe for you all. Actually this is simple one.. I mean like very simple... It will be a very good snack, also did i mention its damn easy to make. So let's start making together.

Step 1: Ingredients

Potato - 3 Nos

I have taken one medium sized potato and one small potato based on the skewer I'm gonna use

Bread crumbs - 3 tbsp

Parmesan cheese - 2 tbsp

Red chilli powder - 1 tsp

Crushed pepper - 1/2 tsp

Salt - As required, i have added 1/4 tsp

Olive oil - 2-3 tsp (not shown in image)

Coriander leaves - For garnishing

Step 2: Bread Crumb

Here in my place there are no ready made bread crumb. So i bought bread, added 2-3 slices in mixie grinder and grinded for few seconds. You bread crumb ready. Really don't have the patience to crumble them in my hands

Step 3: Topping

Add grated parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, red chilli powder, salt and freshly grounded black pepper. Combine well

Step 4: Let's Unroll Potato

Select a approximate middle in the potato, insert the skewer and drill through it until it reaches other end. Bring the potato to center and starting cut with knife by rotating the skewer, also keep knife at an angle and push hard until it touches the skewer. I haven't peeled the potato skin, if you want you can remove it. If you are using with skin wash the potato thoroughly

Balance the rotating as well the knife's angle to get equal distance cut

Trust me, this one is the little tricky part in this recipe. As you can see the 3rd image my first two attempt in making it perfect failed.. so these things happen until you get a hang of it. But the third turned out really well

Also gif is 2x speed.. wish I could be this fast but i'm not :P

Step 5: Tornado

As potato is in centre, move the slice forward and background to spread around equidistance

Step 6: Stufffff

Start brushing them with olive oil, Sorry forgot parchment paper.. Add parchment paper at the bottom and add the mixture since it has cheese, stuffing it between the layer gives nice gooey effect.. but to note here much cheese is not added..

Step 7: Final Touch

After stuffing, add little of bread crumbs on the top

Step 8: Bake

If you are using microwave oven preheat at 200 celsius and bake it for 25 minutes at the same temperature

I used Halogen oven, baked at 180 celsius for 18 minutes .

Tinggggg !! Once its done enjoy with mayonnaise or tomato sauce or you can prepare your own cheese dip

Step 9: Thank You

Thank you for reading till the end. Hope you like this dish..

Do let me know if you try.

Please post your thoughts and suggesstion in comment section, If you like this instructable don't forget to vote :)

Stay tuned for next instructable... Adios !!!

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    2 months ago

    These look tasty and fun!

    rocket radhi
    rocket radhi

    Reply 2 months ago

    You should these.. it's was fun and indeed tasty

    Ronna Farley
    Ronna Farley

    2 months ago

    Those are very cool! I’ll have to try making them!!

    rocket radhi
    rocket radhi

    Reply 2 months ago

    Thank you 😇.. please share pic , would love to see how it turned out..