Introduction: Touch-controlled Mario Game Lights

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This fun Mario game question mark light that lets you go back to childhood, touch the bottom to control the switch or flash. You can put it in the bedroom as a bedside lamp, put it in the bathroom as a night light, and put it in the office to decompress.You can put it on the table or hang it up, and the child can use the head to touch the bottom of the lamp to control it as in the game.If you take such a light with your child, can you let your child learn electronic knowledge and exercise skills while making you and your child more happy in your interaction?


Acrylic shell

Screw *6, nut *6 lithium battery*1 Touch sensor module*1 Glass glue, Sealant power cable Tools such as screwdrivers

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Step 2: Clear the Circuit Line of the Top Case

Step 3: Connect the Power Cord

Insert several sockets into the power cable of the lithium battery

Step 4: Fixed Shell

Put 5 pieces of acrylic box together and fix with glass glue

Step 5: Fixed Sensor

Apply a sealant to the back of the sensor and secure it to the bottom of the inside of the box

Step 6: Test Light

Step 7: Fix the Top Case

This completes the made of a question mark light. Is it simple and fun?

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