Tower of Sauron Clock

Introduction: Tower of Sauron Clock

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Create a sketch of the tower of Sauron with the placement of the clock.

Step 1: Create a Cad File of the Outline of Barad-Dur

Open up 2D design to create the outline of the high resolution Barad-Dur tower image. My original plan was to create a 3D model of the Tower of Barad-Dur with three cylinders on top of each other. But this has changed because there is no time to 3D print the cylinders without impacting other students in the school. The 3D printer prints slow and my idea was really big. But unless no one in the school uses the 3D printer for a few days, it would not be possible to create it without impacting other people. The resources to create a big enough 3D model of the tower. The 3D printers we have at school are not big enough to print each cylinder. So it has changed to a small 2D design.

Step 2: Clock Design

Create the design of the clock using the program 2D design. Create a circle and make the numbers in a Lord of the Rings looking font such as Brush Script Std. The hole has to be 11mm thick in order to fit the clock.

Step 3: Laser Cut the Tower of Barad-Dur Outline

Using a laser cutting machine, laser cut the outline of the tower of Barad-Dur. Make sure the material in which you are using to laser cut is in the bottom left corner.

Step 4: Print Out the Detailed Tower of Barad-Dur

Using a regular printer, print out the high resolution image of the Tower of Barad-Dur with detail. The image has to be the same size in height and length as the outline version.

Step 5: Laminating the Tower

In order for the detail to not be damaged, put the printed out detailed Tower of Sauron in a slip to laminate it.

Step 6: Gluing the Clock and Detailed Tower of Sauron Onto the Outline

Firstly, you have to cut the white paper away from the actual detail. After this is completed, glue it onto the outline version of the Tower of Sauron. Than glue the clock onto the outline and detail of the Tower of Sauron using Tensall Cement. Let it dry for a few hours. Then with an 11mm drill, drill a hole into the Tower of Sauron through the clock hole.

Step 7: Clock Mechanism

Once you have completed all steps, put the clock mechanism on the back of the Tower of Sauron design and put the hands onto it. And congratulations, you have finished the Tower of Sauron Clock.

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    5 years ago

    That's a fun idea, it would be neat to 3d print it and embed the face of the clock into the tower. :)