Towerpro MG92B Review

Introduction: Towerpro MG92B Review

Weight only 13.8 g .With its dimension 22.8 x 12 x 31 mm. However do not let the size deceive you. This small servo provide stall torque 3.1 kg/cm and moving at 0.18 sec/60 degree when operating at 5.0 V.

Not only provide great torque at a comfortable speed, the MG92B also comes with some exceptional hardware. The MG92B equips with metal gears, double ball bearing. Finally the most impressive part for a $6 servo is the partial alloy casing.

I will go deeper on all the components of the MG92B and their benefits in my future projects.

Step 1: Pro and Con

One of the most obvious benefits with the MG92B Servo tower is the alloy casing.

I deign and fly R/C airplane, also an active member of Balsa Model Aircraft Builder Association with 12k+ members. These flying models could cost from couple hundred bucks to thousand of dollars. To ensure the airplane operation servo motors are one of the key factors.

These servo motors handle huge amount of force during fly since the servo motor control the control surface that responsible for the airplane's maneuverability.The last thing these skill builder is their lovely airplane to be unresponsive during flight due to bad or burn out servo motor.


The MG92B with the allow casing will act like a heat sink help cooling down the electronics and the motor inside.

Also the not so obvious benefit would be the metal gears therefore they can handle great amount of torque, around 3.1kg/cm ~ 3.5kg/cm, double the amount of torque on a 9 gram servo and thoes metal gear will provide no to little backlash.


Heavier than servo motor in its class, MG92B is about 13.8g compare to the 9g servo. This truly affect when you build something weight sensitive like airplane model.

Larger than the servo motor in its class, and also move a bit slower. MG92B is 0.13 sec/60 degree compare with 0.12 sec/60 degree for standard 9 gram servo motor.

Step 2: Final Verdict

The servo motor has its pro and con just like every other product there will never be a perfect once. However the final question is would the trade off be worth. The reason why I leave this at the end because I don't want this to be one of the factors why this is a good servo motor. However to me this is where this motor is worth every penny. It is only $7 at Circuit Specialist webpage here.

Thank for tuning in. There will be more electronic product review in the future.

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