Introduction: Toy Box Transformation

This instructable will show you how i build my prototype for a toy packaging that will add to the play experience. When you've unpacked your toys the excess cardboard can be teared of so you have two pieces of a road you can use as a track for your toy cars. There is one ordinary road but also a road with an added function. In this case it's working traffic lights. This could also be expanded to a level crossing or billboards with text or even images. I also made a video that shows how it works.

Step 1: What Do We Need

-A large sheet of cardboard (62cm x49cm min.)

-Paper and a printer

-A long ruler

-A pencil

-A Stanley knife

-Paper glue

-Paper tape

-An Arduino


-12 Leds (4 green, 4 orange, 4 red)

-A little switch

-Soldering iron and tin

Step 2: Making the Box

You can design a box yourself, use my template or just use an existing box. If you use my template just cut the full lines and fold on the dotted lines. Only glue the lid of the box the sides will be kept in place by this lid.

Step 3:

To solder the leds use the template to make sure that they are in the right spot. Print the pdf and then glued it to a spare piece of cardboard. Then make a hole where every light has to be placed. Next put the right color led in every hole and begin soldering using the fritzing schematic. Make sure the negative sides of the leds are at the same side, this will make soldering easier. When everything is connected upload the code to the arduino. When you are ready just test everything and make sure everything works perfect.

Step 4: Finishing the Inside

Cut another piece of cardboard (28.5cm x19.5cm) and stick another print of the template on it (make sure you can remove this afterwards). Carefully make the holes in this new piece of cardboard. When the holes are made remove the template. After this print the Crossing roads pdf and cut out a cross shape on every place where a led will be. Glue the crossing roads on the cardboard. I used leds to make sure it is exactly positioned. When the glue is dried you can remove the electronics from the previous piece of cardboard and place it in the new one. Turn this around and staple it to the box. In the end print the straight road and paste it in the lid of the box.

Step 5: Finishing the Outside

I also made a graphic to paste on top of the box. You could also decorate it as you like. When the final decoration is done the box is ready.

Step 6: Product in Use

Ofcourse this is just a prototype but that doesn't mean you cant play with it.

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