Introduction: TrainerLights Improve Athletes' Reflexes

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Taekwondo training (the World Champion)

Personal trainer and cell phone

Tennis Training

Fitness Sport Training

There are 4 (or more), lights, one of them is the "server" The server holds 2 nodeMCU boards one is the server itself (the WiFi hotspot) and the other one is the sensor light, all other lights holds only 1 nodeMCU board each. They are interconnected without wires via WiFi.

The user connects with the cell phone to this same server via WiFi.

Configure the system with parameters such as ignition time, delay, range of activation distances, and type of sequence (sequential or random). All settings are available in a very simple screen shown in the cell phone. No need to install software on the phone, just access a link in the browser to see the screen. Connect the cell phone to the server via WiFi, browse to use TrainerLights named WiFi spot and password 1234567890

Step 1: 3D Design and 3D Printing

Download and 3D print the design form

CAD files available

Step 2: Uplaod the Software Code

Upload the software code to the sensors and the server

find the code repository here

Step 3: Electronics Build Up

Put the electronics into the case as shown in the photos and videos

Look All the photos and videos in this link: