Introduction: Transform-a-Car: Remote Controlled to Self Controlled

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This is a hack on a RC car with a broken remote. You can find plenty at garage sales!


- A broken RC car

- Screwdriver - Here

- Batteries

- Wire snippers - Here

- Electrical tape - Here

P.S -- Much of this stuff is car-dependent, so there is no "one-size-fits-all" screwdriver or battery.

Step 1: Getting Inside

Take the top off by taking out the screws on the car. Turn the car over and take off any extra pieces on top.

Step 2: Making a Robot

Using your wire snippers, cut all wires away from the circuit board, leaving long wires inside of the car .Cut all wires away from the circuit board and discard them. Then, get to the motor assembly.

Step 3: Motor

Strip the ends of all thicker wires and test all connections with a battery. Be prepared for the motor to spin. Most motors will be red and black or white and yellow. After testing, remember which way they spin or write it down. It is important to know because if they both go the same way, the car will go straight. If they go opposite directions, it will spin. Twist the positive ends together if you want it to go straight. Then twist the negative wires together. Slide the wires beneath the battery contacts and twist into place. DON'T solder them because you want to change modes. To switch modes switch the wires around to positive and negative together. Put the batteries back in and test!

Step 4: Done!

If it works, congratulations! Have fun and merry making!

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