How to Transform a Boring Table

Introduction: How to Transform a Boring Table

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In this instructable, I will be showing you how I turned an ordinary, ugly table into this beautiful wood slice table. You can watch the 1 minute video above to see how I did this, or keep reading below. Alternatively, you could easily build this table from scratch if you do not have a table to restore and I have provided instructions on how to do that as well.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For this project, I used:

If you do not have an old table and would like to create one from scratch you will also need:

Step 2: (Optional) Create the Table

If you do not have a table you are restoring but would like to make this from scratch, follow these steps. Use a drill bit to make pilot holes on the bottom of the wooden circle where the screws will go. You can hold the legs up to the table to know where to create the hole. Attach the legs with the screws.

Step 3: Attach the Edges

I positioned some wood slices on top of the table to hold the glass at the proper height. Then I used Loctite Power Grab to adhere small wood slices along the edge of the table. I let that set for 12 hours.

Step 4: Hide the Glue

I used hot glue to apply a couple layers of twine along the edges of the table to hide the Power Grab.

Step 5: Attach the Top

Before gluing down the wood slices on the top, I arranged all the pieces and made sure they fit the way I liked. I then used the Power Grab to glue them down and used sticky notes to mark which pieces I had already glued.

Step 6: Apply the Protective Finish

After allowing that to set for 12 hours, I flipped the table over to dump out any debris. I then applied Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish to the wood slices to help preserve the wood.

Step 7: Place the Glass on Top

After waiting 24 hours, I placed the glass on top and the table was ready for use.

Step 8: Finished!

And that's all it takes to transform this table! If you enjoyed this tutorial, please consider following me on Instructables and subscribing to my Youtube channel to see more content like this.

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    Very nice makeover!


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    That looks great! So much better than a plain old side table. :)


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    Thank you jessyratfink!