Trash Drum

Introduction: Trash Drum

Learn how to make this quick and easy trash drum from things around your house and make a racket to annoy a lot of people.

Step 1: What You Need:

You will need to collect the following;

- A hot glue gun (w/ glue)

- A large cardboard box

- An empty drinks bottle (cleaned and dried out)

- A styrofoam dome

- A pair of scissors/exacto knife

- Spare hot glue stick for the drum stick

Step 2:

Cut four of the flaps off the cardboard box with a pair of scissors or an exacto knife and place it hole side on the table.

Step 3:

Take the empty bottle and and make sure it is clean and dried out, then once the hot glue gun has warmed up and is hot enough, apply some glue to the bottle and hold it against the side of the box. Take the lid of the bottle and glue a hot glue stick to the inside of the lid for storage inside the bottle.

Step 4:

Finally apply some more hot glue and attach it to the other side of the box and allow that to dry. And that's it, you're instructable is complete.

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