Introduction: Trash to Treasure 9 Lolipop Ghosts

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I can't take credit for the original idea on these easy decorations only my version using recycled materials

Step 1: Gather Materials

I went to my possibilium pile and dug out a couple of pipes about 5 foot long (old broom and mop handles would work great) \
I also dug out a sheet of plastic drop cloth that has white overspray covering it and a bag full of plastic grocery bags

Step 2: Getting Started

Drive your poles of choice into the ground, for each pole you drive in the ground you'll need a "head" so loosely fill a plastic grocery bag with other grocery bags. From the drop sheet cut a coupe of squares or rectangles that will drape over the "heads" and reach the ground, you'll also need several narrow strips about 2x5 feet, twist the narrow strips and tie a knot in either end

Step 3: Building the Ghost

place your loosely packed plastic bag over the pole and use the handles to tie it in place, drape the large plastic sheets over the head shape and using the twisted strips tie the sheet in place. You should now have a head, body and 2 arms. Trim the bodies so they just reach the ground or maybe a little over hang and cut some slits to allow some movement in the "skirt"

Step 4: Ghost Ring

I'll eventually have 7 ghosts "dancing" in a ring, to connect the ghosts simply tie the knot hands together

Step 5: Finished?

Place the ghosts around your yard, use taller poles to let them stick above hedges or fences or add yellow holiday lights to give them an ethereal glow. You can have them dancing around a pumpkin patch or a "fire" made of redlights. Watch for my next "ible" to see what mine will be dancing around

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