Introduction: Trash to Treasure Rocket Car

For materials you will need:

A working hot gluegun

Some pebbles

Old rocket pieces


Rocket engines(you can find them at a hobby shop/store)

Step 1: How I Made It

To make a rocket car out of leftover broken pieces and parts from previous rockets was challenging because I decided to have my rocket stay on the ground. By doing so I took a broken rocket body and added pieces of wooden fins that I cut all facing slightly downward so when the rocket took off it would have a better chance of staying on the ground/pavement. I also put some pebbles from my driveway and willed it in with a little bit of hot glue to make them stay, this also added more weight in the front of the rocket car. For the wheels I just found some lego wheels so the car would move correctly, for this I also had to figure out the center of gravity of the whole rocket and carefully place the wheels so it would be level. When all the fins and pieces were on the rocket, this is what the final product looked like.

Step 2: The Video of How the Rocket Car Turned Out

When I was done with the rocket I hooked it up to the launcher outside on the pavement and when it launched it was so small that it didn't go straight. Other Than it it going completely straight I was still impressed on how it turned out to be a cool rocket car out of old scraps and pieces.

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